Before I dish out recipes I always like to add some tid-bits of nutritional knowledge and hopefully its something that many readers don’t already know.  At first I thought about the ingredients in this hummus and what topics I could highlight: the vitamin C content in tomatoes or how chickpeas are low-fat, high fiber and high protein which make this a healthy snack option.
I’ve talked before about pulses (lentils, chickpeas, ect) and their health benefits, you can read a bit more by clicking here in my post about Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, or here in another recipe for Sweet Potato Lentil Meatballs. For this recipe I thought I’d talk a bit about lycopene which is quite fitting as in my last few posts I’ve been discussing antioxidants and eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies!
Lycopene is a red-orange carotenoid found primarily in tomatoes, tomato-products and in other fruits such as pink grapefruit, watermelon and apricots.  Evidence suggests that due to its antioxidant capacity, lycopene plays a role in reducing risk for prostate cancer. If heart health is something you’ve been thinking about, you’ll find it interesting to know that lycopene may also have beneficial effects on lowering risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Clinical trails are still needed to give us more details, but data from some studies suggest that high lycopene levels may be associated with reduced CVD risk.

Sundried Tomato Hummus
1 cup chickpeas, cooked or drained and well rinsed from a can
1/3 of a large tomato, diced
½ tsp garlic
¼ sundried tomatoes (packed in oil)
1 tbsp of the oil from the tomatoes
¼ tsp chili-garlic sauce (or more if you like things spicier)
1 tbsp tahini (sesame seed paste)
2 tbsp lemon juice
Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth,
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