Let’s get right into this lesson!
Here’s The Scenario:
It’s Thursday. You’ve had a number of cookies and treats at work the last couple of days – they just keep appearing in the staff room. You had a Christmas luncheon yesterday, complete with cheesy, creamy appetizers, full-fat eggnog and dessert. Tonight you have a fancy company Christmas party, so what the heck, you may as well go all out, continue that through the weekend and just get back “on track” when Monday finally rolls back around. Sound familiar?
Avoid the “I already messed it up, I may as well stop caring” mindset, as it will most likely set you up for feeling guilty later in the week. We all know the holidays bring a lot of food, treats and indulgences. But we need to be mindful of our actions; being mindful, and being prepared can keep you on track over the holidays.
Many times when there are plates of cookies and treats, we tend to mindlessly grab and eat a few. Before you reach, stop and ask yourself: “do I actually want this? Am I even hungry?” If you walk up to that plate of cookies while you’re hungry, you’re more likely to overeat.
–>Instead make sure you have healthy snacks, and plenty of fluids. When you come up to the plate you will be less likely to eat six or seven cookies when your stomach is already satisfied.
Indulging in the special moments is OK. In many cultures celebrations include food and eating together. This can be a great time to enjoy everyone’s company. –
->Instead of focusing on what is being eaten, focus on being present, and engage in meaningful conversations with loved ones.
If that means you ate a little bit too much, why not suggest after you give your stomach a bit of time to settle and that you go for a stroll around the block?
Keep a regular schedule
Trying to maintain a regular schedule will help combat over indulging multiple times throughout the season, and when you do, don’t beat yourself up for it and just admit defeat! Instead maintain your physical activity, make sure to stay well hydrated and remain positive.
After all, this is the season to be thankful.
Here are some tips to help you stay on track
Don’t skip breakfast or lunch to “save room” for dinner
Stick to the veggie tray for appetizers
When you are serving your food, just use one small scoop for each dish you choose, don’t overload your plate.There is always time to have seconds if you are still hungry later
Appreciate your food, be thankful for the love and affection that went into preparing the meal you’re about to eat, savor every bite
Consciously chew your food, you can even put your fork down between each bite, this will slow you down and allow your body to signal you that you are full before you have already eaten too much
Don’t stand or sit in front of a food table, position yourself as far away as possible to prevent “mindless” eating
If you are going to a potluck dinner, or just to someone else’s home offer to bring an appetizer or a salad. If you bring a healthy option, you will know that there will be at least one healthy choice available
The bottom line is this: Be prepared, know that indulgences will happen. Be honest and forgiving with yourself, use the tips above to help you stay on track. At the very least, don’t beat yourself up over it; treat yourself as kindly as you would treat others.
We tend to have the tendency to speak to ourselves negatively, but we would never speak to others that way – so why treat yourself poorly? Negative thoughts don’t just exist in your head, negativity has a physiological component: it can bring about stress in the body, which carries with it a double-edged sword. Our bodies naturally react to stress and this can have a negative impact on our digestion as well.
***Your challenge: Treat yourself as kindly, as you would treat others. Listen to the voices in you head, and stamp out negative self-talk. Be honest and forgiving with yourself. Keep moving, stay positive, be kind to everyone, including yourself and enjoy the precious moments in life!
Take Care,
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