Hi, and Happy Holidays!
I spent a bit of time recently collaborating with a few other RDs, Susan (A Little Nutrition), Andrea (But First Lets Eat), and Vincci (Vincci Tsui.com) to bring to you this mini-course on how to get through the holidays.
Many of our clients come to us looking for tips or strategies of how to stay on track, and others come to us after all of the craziness is over and they’re upset with themselves for the number of times they overindulged.
Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting some of my own advice, plus guest posts from my friends Andrea, Susan and Vincci.
This time of year tends to be a challenging time to “stay on track” for many of many people, including myself and my friends. I don’t think that there are too many people that can say that they are exempt from being faced with the gong show of food, alcohol, and holiday baking that Christmas time brings.
If you don’t struggle with your food choices or food consumption, then good food you! But I do hope that you can stick around to the end of the course because I think that there is something for everyone to learn in these next 10 sessions.
A lot of the course material is applicable in any social setting, and all year round! Healthy eating barriers are part of life …get used to it by making a plan! When it comes to making healthy changes in life, whether it is your nutrition or if you are starting a new exercise program, there is always barriers or roadblocks that pop up …no matter what time of year. However, the Christmas season seems to be a particularly challenging time for most people…usually from about mid-November to just after January.
Does this sound like you? Christmas is really just one day, but unlike the one-time indulgences on Thanksgiving, the holiday season can bring upon a marathon of eating (so to speak). From the office and work parties, excessive amounts of holiday baking everywhere, get-togethers with friends, to family the multiple family gatherings, where you could be surrounded by the eggnog, bowls of candy, and the traditional holiday spread of appetizers and cheesy dips. Because the season is sooo long, we need to have a higher awareness or consciousness when it comes to our eating.
We are hoping that this course will help guide you through some of the eating challenges that you might face, and help you prepare better for some of the eating, and health hang-up’s that can arise over the season. This year I want Christmas to be different for you! I want you to be in control of your food and your food choices. Get ready for some challenges and homework, but more importantly get ready to get through the holiday season and end with a feeling of success!
This year, there is no falling off track or checking out when it comes to your nutrition… Are you ready?
O.K., here is your first challenge:
Take care, Susan
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